Affiliate Program


CuttingRoomFx offers the lowest prices and instant delivery through our unique automated delivery system. Join affiliate program and earn commissions.

CuttingRoomFx unbeatable price and solid credit standing can make sure you can promote what you think is the best.

How does it work?
In order to become an affiliate, you need to be registered to the store, then verified your email. You will be supplied with CuttingRoomFx Partner Program dashboard, to create your unique track link. Whenever a visitor purchase any products on our site through your track link, the orders on the site will be tracked by our system, you earn 20% of the total sale.

Promotion opportunities
a. Link referrer links on web page or a banner with referrer link
b. Publish referrer Links to YouTube channel or in the video description
c. Publish referrer links on social media Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
d. Embed referrer links in
e. Distribute referrer links in forums
f. Send referrer links in emails to friends
g. Commission: 20% commission per successful sale with hot deals
h. Commission payment via PayPal.

Brand Assets
Here are some CuttingRoomFx brand logos & watermarks that you can use for anything that’s promotional. Feel free to use them in your blogs, reviews or even affiliate pages where you can promote CuttingRoomFx. You can download and use them accordingly.

Affiliates aren’t allowed to purchase products using their own links, any breaches of this will result in a permanent ban. The use of fake promotions or any other method of manipulation in order to gain clicks will result in the related commissions being cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who can participate?
    Generally anyone can participate in this Affiliate Program. After logging on to the affiliate page, we first check the information for completeness, accuracy and email must be verified. Applications under false names are not accepted for legal reasons, unfortunately.
  2. How can I make money here?
    You make money when you make other people online attention to our product pages and then shop with us. Thus we can understand that a visitor has come to their link to us, you provided the link previously with their own personal reflink name. This reflink name is notified to you or you can also directly on the homepage in Affliate system once we have reviewed your registration for the Partner Program.
  3. Where can I find the login page for the CuttingRoomFx Partner Program?
    You can register on our CuttingRoomFx. After your email is verified, then your account will be activated.
    Your personal referral URL link such as: Our tracking background will track every order source.
    Yes, our tracking system will track every order source according to reflink URL.
  4. Where can I see how many sales I have already conveyed that?
    Once you have successfully registered and logged on our affiliate site, you can also view your operator status on CuttingRoomFx Partner Program dashboard system.
  5. How long does it take for such a mediated sale is confirmed?
    No later than on the 3rd day, after we confirmed your order is not spamming, you can check your pay status on CuttingRoomFx Partner Program dashboard.
  6. How and when i get paid the commission?
    We pay via PayPal at the last day of every month.

If you still have any problem,please contact us via email:

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